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About Laura Heagle

Following in the footsteps of her parents, Laura Heagle knew she wanted to open a music school from a very early age.  She loved music so much that she started playing the piano at three.  At age nine, her father died, and to honor him, she started playing the cello.  Through the rest of her elementary, middle, and high school career, Laura developed her musical talent.   She eventually earned a music scholarship to Colorado State College of Education (now the University of Northern Colorado).  Not only did she study piano and cello in college, she took up playing the pipe organ. Laura has acted as a church organist for over 30 years.

After receiving her music degree, Laura began teaching vocal and instrumental music at an elementary school in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.  She then moved back to Colorado, and became a teacher at the Yamaha Music School.  This program teaches music to children ages four through eight.  Laura taught at the Yamaha Music School for nearly 30 years, acting as a teacher for other businesses. She also was an owner of her own music school.  At one point, Laura had nine teachers working for her, and gave lessons to over 200 children.  Additionally, Laura taught in the Denver Public Schools as a music instructor for elementary students for ten years.


Current Business

When Laura decided she was ready to get out of the school system, she started her own private music school in the comfort of her own home.  She offers personal instruction on the piano, the cello, the violin, and the occasional vocal lesson.  Laura's ultimate goal for any music student is to teach the person as a whole, using music as a means to do so.  Through the years, Laura has had the opportunity to serve as a judge with the National Guild of Piano Teachers.  These opportunities have allowed her to travel to many places in Colorado, as well as around the USA.  Laura has also prepared countless students for successful performances in many competitions, such as: National Guild of Piano Teachers; American Federation of Music Teachers; and Music Teachers Association.


Music speaks to everyone, and it is Laura's continuing joy to share her love of music with people around her.  Schedule your music lesson today, and receive your first two months for the price of one.

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